Weaving between Republican primaries and common politico fodder lies gems on TV. Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart have been passing these bad boys out like chaos emeralds for the better part of half a decade now so by and large – they are who you look at when it comes to truth in the news.

Last night, Colbert took to ask the age old question of what exactly “Illin'” means. New York Times puzzlemaster Will Shortz had referred to the word as “wack” in his Saturday edition while blogger Boobs Radley stated he was schematically incorrect. In the literary world, that means beef, y’all and that means some esteemed individual with merit had to be called in.

Enter Mike D of the Beastie Boys.

Armed with a tweed jacket and smoking pipe, the elderstatesman of ill broke down both sides of the debate and declared a victor, all in the name of hip-hop and correct crossword puzzles everywhere.