In his spare time when he’s not busy making sociopathic hip-hop for the masses, Brandon Blue is your run of the mill Dallas Texan who could care less what you may think. He’s also made an imprint on West Coast sound as well as the newfound variety in D-Town with his early work with Sore Losers & now as the defacto leader of the Brain Gang outfit, a collective of hungry emcees all o whom who could carry their weight solo but rather like to roam around like a wolfpack.

Numb is first full length offering from Blue, engaged and solid with enough angst flexed in for good measure. “Taste Testing” plays like a Hunter S. Thompson acid trip listing off vices with no regard for their consequences but it all sonically builds around the haphazardly awesome single “Party On” which celebrates every nihilist thought running around in the 26-year old’s brain. With one lone Brain Gang feature coming from the ever impressive JT, it’s common thought that the TDE producer may provide the alternative and dark soundscape to Dallas in 2012, much like Picnic Tyme & Cardo have kept it light and playerific throughout 2011.

DOWNLOAD: Brain Gang Blue – Numb

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