Two games into this abridged NBA season and we already found out that the Miami Heat not only came to ball, they came to win. Dusting off Dallas on Christmas Day and letting the Celtics believe they had a chance last night is what LeBron & company believe is a prelude to May & June, where they exorcise the demons and finally grab a ring.

Yet, still embracing their Hollywood Blondes role (WCW reference!) – the Heat led their home opener with that music video/terrible Abercrombie & Fitch ad down below. From triple polo Shane Battier to LeBron’s hairline going through its last days, check out the Heat being the Heat – epileptic with some sexy dancers and Chris Bosh still being a weird tyrannosaurs looking ass negro.

Note how they just treated Norris Cole like a nobody and only dropped his last name in the package.