I had admittedly heard about Language Artz member Raven Sorvino prior to now because she’d gotten a lot of buzz for her track, “Pink Pony”… but I never actually listened to “Pink Pony.” But now, having been acquainted with this track, “Whisper’z (N.S.F.W.),” I will gladly accept the personal foul for sleeping so hard on her.

Earlier today, Raven herself released the visuals for “Whisper’z” on her website. The I.R.S.-directed video is far from the “NFSW” status that its title implies. But the track itself is superb, propelled forward by producer ChrEYEst Allah, and then slowed down a bit in “screwed” fashion by Mr. Lokey (I need Mr. Lokey to highkey provide listeners with a fully screwed version of the track, though; I bet that’d be TROUBLE). It certainly doesn’t hurt that Sorvino herself is both easy on the eyes and ears, dropping rhymes in a manner that’s both impressive yet seductive as well.

“Whisper’z” is supposed to be on Sorvino’s debut album, #PaperGirl, which drops in January; though I certainly hope we’ll hear more from her before the album’s officially released. Check out the video below.

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