With nine days left in the year, Propain, the ever so sneaky and ferocious emcee from Hiram Clarke decides to shatter every already turned in and published “best of” year end list with Dangerous Minds. Once armed with a surefire radio hit in “Say I Won’t”, Pro assures himself he doesn’t need a magazine cover to publicize the buzz he’s capitalized on in the past twelve months and he’s accurate – his follow up to a cult classic proves that.

Unlike Departure, Pro’s previous release with a heavy handed section of soulful production, whirling snares, propped up drums and heart attack inducing bravado line up DM, mostly thanks to the rising duo of G Luck & B Don, DJ Don, Soundmob & TJay. Tami Latrell coasts like a Greek siren on the updated 8Ball & MJG classic “Space Age Playa”, Lee-Lonn continues his battle for the best R&B voice in Houston on the low tempered “What You Like” and Pro’s battle with his own subconscious continues on “The Note (Scottie Pippen)”.

Even if it may not register on the best of 2011, Dangerous Minds will sit through 2012 with a watchful eye as Pro will more than likely refuse to let you forget about it.

DOWNLOAD: Propain – Dangerous Minds

What Up Doe
Smiling Faces
I’m On (featuring Short Dawg)
Space Age Playa (featuring Tami Latrell)
What You Like (featuring Lee-Lonn)
Phone Call #1
My Life (featuring Slim Thug)
The Note (Scottie Pippen)
The Bad Guy
Phone Call #2
Like This
Nothing But You
Take It Back (featuring Jack Freeman)
Say I Won’t [Remix] (featuring Bun B & Chamillionaire)