Twenty four hours later, the psyche of a Laker fan at the moment is distraught. Possible tears flowing into a pillow image of Chick Hern, hoping that they don’t create a well inside of your James Worthy goggles. The largest sect of basketball fans in California bleed purple and gold and for a night at least, the small step children who always decided to have red, white & blue embedded in their DNA had something to crow about.

The Los Angeles Lakers, a team normally built upon flash, power or a combination of both actually looked old against the little brother Clippers with the cute new nickname of “Lob City”. The Clippers, not the Lakers looked more like “Showtime” in a 114-96 preseason romp at the Staples Center, leaving Laker fans to question how terrible has the last nine months been as a Laker fan.

Sure, it’s the preseason and Kobe & co will find a way to nudge their way into a top seed out West. But for a night, they were shown up by a much healthier and energetic squad with a point/off guard combination that shouldn’t necessarily work but it did, with a four/five trade off that varies on the absurd in terms of athleticism and a general at the point guard position for the first time in forever.

Watch out Los Angeles. If they stay healthy, Lob City could dominate the SoCal headlines – and not because of Donald Sterling’s negligence. Keyword: if they stay healthy.

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