Not aware of Soulbrotha’s eclectic mix of rap, poetry and indie rock? Here’s your cliff notes for the final exam. While both episodes of the “Heartbreache” series chop up Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep” to help display a picture of wavering in and out of love, it’s SB’s story that engages potential listeners even more. His full length EP, Southpaw starts off like Rocky gearing up to fend off Apollo Creed from the “XXIntro” to the dripping guitar plucks on “Way Of Love”. The XX inspired EP contains sentiments of plight & destruction (“We Are The Masks We Wear”), overt theology (“Hear Me”) along with snare/xylophone moments of love’s reminisce (“Look Of Love”), easily wanting to stretch his subject matter beyond being the one brotha voted most likely to steal your girl with talks of love.

[audio:]DOWNLOAD: Heartbreache Pt. I (It’s Over)
[audio:]DOWNLOAD: Heartbreache Pt. II (The Beginning)

DOWNLOAD: Soulbrotha – Southpaw EP

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