Let’s count the losses Kobe Bryant has taken in the past eight months or so, shall we?

1. Losing Phil Jackson.
2. Losing to the Dallas Mavericks by 36 in a four-game sweep.
3. The lockout.
4. Not going to Spain during the lockout.
5. Getting a crappy labor deal.
6. Getting a CP3 trade vetoed by David Stern.
7. Losing Lamar Odom for virtually nothing.
8. Losing CP3 to the team across the hall.
9. Getting divorced.

The last one might sting more than the others seeing that Kobe didn’t sign a pre-nup when the two got married some ten and a half years ago and the general synopsis of how this divorce breaks down is like this: Kobe’s a dog, Vanessa is L.A. fine and wants joint custody of the kids. TMZ has all the long winded information that we just summed up for you just in case. Check & mate.

All I know is this, the Staples Center might really belong to Lob City this year.