As an iPhone guy, I already have issues with updating a 4 to a 4S when the 5 is on the horizon. Especially when the main selling point is a built in advisor named Siri who has a history of saying ridiculous things. “Sh*t Siri Says” is easily a great morning pick-me-up but “The Notorious Siri” takes the cake. An Apple device reciting lyrics of the great Christopher Wallace? Sign me up.

Here’s how the creator set this all up:

My hack for the Music Hack Day 2011 in London, a 24h Hackathon for all things music.

SiriProxy is used to intercept the communication with Apple’s servers. Notorious Siri then sends Notorious B.I.G.’s Hypnotize to the device.

Siri’s speech synthesis is synced to the beat using the timestamps obtained from the Echonest API which were then manually tweaked, to smooth out delays in the text-to-speech engine.

Boom. Now watch below and prepare to think it’s 1997.