The Intro – 12.9

Cheyenne Woolery Coldplay Announces North American Tour Dates [Chan-Lo] Plies Heads To Trial In $10,000 Lawsuit [AHH] 2011: The Year Sex Jumped The Shark [TSS] 4 Ways to Keep The Spice In Your Relationship [Naked With Socks On] A Solution For The BCS [Grantland] Today's Badass: Trapped Alaska Man Survives 60 Hours On Frozen Beer [Clutch] 50 Cent Hires Pauly D, Fires Whoo Kid [Complex] How To Get A Job Without An Interview [Frank151] Drake Is Foolin' Y'all [JENESIS] Malcolm X - The Playboy Interview By Alex Haley, 1963 [The Spizzy] Turns Out The 'Saw' Franchise Isn't Dead [Film Drunk] Callin Out Names: Herman Cain - The Clown Prince Of Politics [The Well Versed] Should A 3-Year Old Be Taught How To Pole Dance? [TSFB]  ‘Like’ Day & A Dream On Facebook [D&D]



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