Let it be known, if it came down to which college I’d have more of an affinity for between Duke & North Carolina I would probably ride the middle. My favorite player ever went to UNC, my basketball years were shaped during the early part of the 90s when Duke & Michigan were the kings of b-ball and I think Austin Rivers is the got damn truth.

But, my favorite current Dookie happens to work for ESPN and that would be Jay Bilas. Bilas has made no qualms on his Twitter account about how much he loves Young Jeezy, even stating such a love for The Snowman publicly. Following Bilas yields at least one golden trap-related quote on his account daily, making the 196,000+ people who follow him either inspired or perplexed that a Duke grad who looks as square as a bag of Lincoln logs could very well ride in Atlanta with the dope boys and be G.

Case in point, his tweets from last night & tonight:

Bilas knows his Jeezy, or he knows “Bottom Of The Map” word for word as evident by him even citing Jeezy on live TV last night during the Missouri/Villanova game. Jay Jenkins, the urban philosopher. We see you Jay Bilas and we raise a bottle of Ace of Spades in your honor.