If you have followed ESPN like a junkie during the NBA Lockout then you know whenever reporter Chris Broussard files any article into the sports network, it always includes his “sources”. These people who have enabled Broussard to be not only a punching bag by fans probably don’t exist and are the same sources who told you back in middle school that the girl of your prepubescent dreams was open to dating you – exclusively.

I say all of that to say this: apparently according to Broussard and his “trusty” of BBM friends, the Lakers have begun pursuing both Chris Paul & Dwight Howard with everyone on the roster considered expendable except for Kobe Bryant. How either of those work since Andrew Bynum is considered the most coveted trade piece the Lakers have is beyond me. Know this, the Lakers are still reeling from last year’s embarrassing bow out at the hands of the eventual champion Mavs. We knew they would be after Howard, the game’s most dominating big man but to request CP3 as well obviously means the Lakers are thinking long term once KB24 is gone.

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  1. Justin

    Chris Broussard is the worst. There’s a lot of good NBA writers but they don’t get the recognition & name brand value of guys like Broussard, Bucher & Stein who throw out any & every “source” to make a story. Broussard is the worst offender to me because he is just a pawn of Worldwide Wes.

    No secret I’m a Hornets fan, and CP3 probably is leaving, but these same guys also had him “gone” a year ago. They had LeBron in Chicago. It’s hard to trust these clowns when they’re only right 10% of the time.


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