Back in October, Rayon McIntosh was considered public enemy number one by a few thanks to video capturing his assault on two female McDonald’s customers. After deliberating for two weeks, a grand jury decided to drop all charges against McIntosh.

It’s an applause worthy decision given the new evidence that the entire reason the incident occurred was because Denise Darbeau & Rachel Edwards decided to pay for their meals with a $50 bill. McIntosh held the bill up high, checking it for authenticity which is standard practice in any retail business and then the controversial assault followed.

It’s the first piece of good news McIntosh has gotten in quite sometime. After being convicted of manslaughter a decade ago, McIntosh could barely find decent work considering his predicament as a felon. “No 31-year-old wants to work at McDonald’s making $7.25 an hour but he did it,” his mother said to the New York Daily News, hoping that her son can get his life back on track and be a part of his 11-year old daughter’s life.

While their respective injuries of a fractured skull & a broken arm are quite debilitating, the two women face charges of criminal trespass, menacing & disorderly conduct for their roles in the incident. Strange how this situation turned sides once the full evidence came out.

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