Birdman releasing another album means another fifty to sixty minutes of “Stunna Talk”, hand rubs and plots of world domination. I can’t think of the last absolutely great Birdman single, much less album but that’s beside the point. YMCMB’s cartoonish owner and sometimes player coach is extravagant at everything, including mortality. Bigga Than Life should contain more “Ba’lee dats” than the law allows and with good reason. YMCMB just pulled off a year in which it’s three golden geese are all on their way to platinum plaques, something no other label can even say.

We do wish Baby would leave the mic alone though, even if that means no more moments of Nicki Minaj impersonating Lil Wayne with blonde dreads and sitting comfy in a Maybach with the Dolly Parts out for “Y.U. Mad”.