During the middle of The Beautiful Struggle, a less than predictable sample chop of greats by DJ Mr. Rogers ushered in “G Shit” by L.E.$. and Slim Thug. Maybe it was the looped choral slide of LL Cool J’s “Mama Said Knock You Out” or the gruff and knockdown tenacity of Slim Thug finishing a perfect Boss Hogg pick & roll but the 26-year old had effectively made himself a worthy listen for years to come.

Since then, the confident and tatted up Boss Hogg lieutenant has dropped a DJ Quik inspired tape almost a year ago and put the final touches on Settle 4 L.E.$. Vol. 2, a gigantic release considering his stature so far and the heavyweights that ride alongside him for the duration of the tape’s eighteen tracks.

The spaghetti soul of “Mothership” with Bun B typifies what L.E.$. is all about, hazy in nature and prepared to grip steel (whether it be a steering wheel or a .45) whenever things call for it. GL Productions’s layered drums and guitar licks make for primetime Cadillac music where Bun can wax poetic on being … Bun B. I doubt there’s any other synonym to describe the Trill OG considering his about as omnipresent as the Lord these days when it comes to features and supporting hometown hip-hop. Elsewhere, each of the other producers that give Settle 4 L.E.$. Vol. 2 life each lean with L.E.Dolla in a path of late night late eighties LA aesthetic painted with the brushes of Houston audiophile culture (sharp bass, elevated synths). “RidingInMrRogersNeighborhood” is a sleepy interlude compact with Waka Flocka’s “Hard In The Paint”, tones of “Give It Up Baby”, Badu’s “Next Lifetime” and more. The voice echoes “gangsta shit”, L.E.$. is eager to provide and demonstrate, as his latest offering is dripped with enough molasses style production to be appreciated from sun up & sun down. L.E.$. knows his lane perfectly as S4L2 feels what a mixtape should feel like: beaming with prideful boasts and a sonic landscape that caters to a wide audience.

L.E.$. ft. Bun B – “Mothership”

DOWNLOAD: L.E.$. – Settle 4 L.E.$. 2