There’s nothing worse than a rapper being told to wait knowing full well his talents could takeover and do major things. That’s the setting Hoodstar Chantz sits under, a known talent who’s dexterious behind a microphone and a show stealing cameo away from owning your favorite rapper on a track. Ask Slim Thug who cited the tatted up skinny kid from the Stunt Team as one of the few to lay wreck to his “New Shit” track.

Finally (!), Chantz gets the ball in his hand for a full project release. Having Doughbeezy, a show stealer in his own right and Propain, equally vicious with a country drawl and punchline heavy inspiration play a vital role in the importance of “Before The Fame”. Chantz doesn’t necessarily need the both of them for legitimacy, but it’s only ideal that the three punchline heavy flows populate “Before The Fame”. Dough’s infectious name dropping combined with Pro’s audacious Joe Paterno jab leave room for Chantz to render an already smoldering track to ashes. It’s what works for Chantz and all involved as the wait for Before The Fame ends on December 13th.


DOWNLOAD: Hoodstar Chantz – Before The Fame (f. Doughbeezy, Propain & The Artist Luv)