Remember back in the late 1990s-early 2000s, when Cash Money ruled everything around us musically? This was before Lil’ Wayne started wearing jeggings and abusing his rock guitar, and when Mannie Fresh wasn’t reduced to cameos in music videos but was the guaranteed bankable producer in the South. Cash Money music had a certified distinctive sound – you knew from the thumping bass and get-everybody-jumping-at-the-family-BBQ quality that, “Yeah, okay, this is a Mannie beat.” But those times have long gone.

Maybe Juvenile will change that. Following news that Juve’s class “Back Dat Ass Up” was sampled by Drake on Take Care, now it turns out that “Power,” the first leak from Juvenile’s forthcoming album Rejuvenation, has not only Rick Ross but Mannie Fresh on the boards. And once you listen to it, you may feel like you’ve fallen right back into 1999. Ross and Juve shine on a beat that you’d swear Fresh himself was saving for the next Big Tymers album (the “birdcall” even makes an appearance). If Rejuvenation has this blast-to-the-past feel, Juve may have a sleeper on his hands.

Stream below, download after the jump.

[via 2dopeboyz]


DOWNLOAD: Juvenile – Power (feat. Rick Ross)