Piecing together the growth of Donald Glover as a rapper has been tedious. He’s brash, cocky and at times comfortable emulating the sounds of others. All that could change when CAMP, his first full length album after a string of moderate to acclaimed EPs & mixtapes hits stores.

His charm and comedic timing plays well over an album which takes the listener from Glover’s days in the South working just to swim in a certain pool, him not being considered “black” enough to even rap to now where he’s a constant figure on stand up tours, on television and on his blog, never evasive and engaging. Glover’s the latest to come from the tree of The College Dropout, rap children of an album that made it cool to be a geek with hip-hop sensibilities. The once “high school social outcasts” of the world have now completely made it their point to take over a genre and fill it with stories of being rejected like they were lost scenes from a John Hughes film.

Far as his raps go, “Bonfire” may be the one time Gambino completely embraces the skills that brought him here. In a whirlwind, there are bars laid about Casey Anthony, the grotesque horror film “The Human Centipede” and more. Time to make good on the words I put together on Glover’s chops beyond Community here.

STREAM: Childish Gambino – CAMP

[via NPR]