Last night, the Steelers & Ravens engaged in their usual affair where plenty of hard hits will be dished out and drama will unfold. True, Joe Flacco proved his mettle and Torrey Smith saved himself from getting flogged in Baltimore with his touchdown catch to win the game but the talk of America is the newest institution to grace the lexicon: Ball So Hard University.

Now, I’ve never attended a class but if you read the pamphlet SB Nation picked up after Terrell Suggs aka “Sizzle” then you’ll learn so many things about the prestigeious university and its alumni.

On Admissions Requirements:

There are no standardized tests for balling (yet.), let alone balling so hard, so all application requests are processed using individual interviews, viral videos depicting balling (such as: making it rain, elaborately choreographed endzone dances, ignoring authority figures, etc), and recommendations from ballers past and present.

On The Curriculum:

All students must participate in a core of classes that the Board of Trustees deems essential to the development of ballers. Among them: “Stunt 101 (w. Professor 50), Parkin Lot Pimpin (Survey), Intro To Maybachs (w. Professor Ross), Yacht History,What’s A Bezel?, Theology (of ballin), The Life And Times Of Swizz Beatz, Psychology (of haters),Philosophy (of ballers), Ballin Too Hard (w. Professor Storch) and An American History Of Swag.

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