Long before the NBA lockout occurred, basketball experienced arguably it’s most promising season both on and off the court. A year in which the league’s biggest star switched teams on national TV and then proceeded to create compelling television on a nightly basis followed by one memorable postseason with an unlikely champion.

Now that the black cloud of revenue sharing & politics hovers over the NBA, it’s up to movements such as Nike Basketball’s #basketballneverstops & Jordan Brand’s “Love The Game” to show the world that everything was peachy keen before July 1st. While the Jordan commercial focuses on its three biggest stars Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony & Dwyane Wade hitting up fictional pickup games across the country, Nike brings out multiple guns including Coach K, Sue Bird, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, ?uestlove, J. Cole & more to show the game is beautiful on all fronts.

Plus, if you visit the recently unveiled FB page for #BasketballNeverStops then you’re welcome to submit content for the chance to receive goodies and play NBA 2K12 with celebs, ball players & more.

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Nike Basketball – “Spotlight”

Jordan Brand – “Love The Game”