Seeing that hockey is a hard sell for us and baseball is currently stuck in its ever climatic final stage of the World Series, we need something during the week to keep our interests up in sports now that the NBA season is in limbo. What better (and rather sexist I may add) than two ladies from the always interesting to hear about Lingerie Football League come to actual fisticuffs?

Well, that’s what happened in a recent game between the Tampa Bay Breeze and the Cleveland Crush, Tampa Bay’s Julie Rolfe and got into a fight with Cleveland’s Tamar Fennell and it wasn’t of the slumber party pillow kind. Rather, the type of punches usually reserved for a night at the fights or if you still want to sh*t on boxing, the UFC.

Now this does nothing to help my Lingerie Fantasy Football League team but for the sake of mindless entertainment, it’s kind of weird watching chicks parade around in Victoria’s Secret come to blows (and we don’t mean the kind that get blurred out on Cinemax).