You know what? It’s easy to be envious at Dallas at the moment. The Mavs will be considered the defending NBA Champions for God knows how long thanks to the NBA Lockout, the Cowboys look like they’ve found their running back of the future & the Rangers are one game away from winning a World Series (and driving Houston up the wall with “We’re Better Than You” talk).

Even though the group has gone through a lineup change, Sore Losers continue to trek along in search of fame, fortune and the ills that come in between. Tailor made for a postseason baseball montage, “Letter To My Competition” is as thought provoking as you can make a letter regarding competition. It weaves and doges, hitting the correct points and raises its hand in presumed victory. The We Are Sore Losers EP is coming soon.


DOWNLOAD: Sore Losers – Letter To My Competition | Mediafire