Leo Sharp is 87-years old. Not a shock by any means and the guy more than likely has his fair share of stories to tell about his life. His latest one however may top them all. Apparently Leo flips more Os than Vanna White and was busted for riding around with $2.9 million worth of cocaine in his truck.

According to the police report, Sharp was stopped in Ann Arbor last Friday by police for following too closely and improper lane use. When the officers asked to search the vehicle, Sharp refused and the K-9 unit was called in. The dogs caught a whiff so strong it would have made Tony’s mountain in Scarface look like an ant hill and found an incredible 104 bricks stashed in Sharp’s truck. In court, the octogenarian couldn’t deliver a full explanation but at one point “tried to tell a magistrate that he was forced at gunpoint to haul the cocaine, but his lawyer stepped in and advised him to answer the judge’s questions.”

Anyone want to place a bet as what rapper will adopt “Leo Sharp” as an alias or use it in a rhyme? I’m looking at the Maybach Music guy, the heavyset one with the beard as my first choice.

[via Detroit Free Press]