There’s bad in the NFL (see the hometown Texans putting a world class beatdown on the ex-Oilers in Tennessee) and then there’s the Sunday night game the Indianapolis Colts were put in. Since the beginning of the season after the Texans ran roughshod over them sans Arian Foster, the Colts were in trouble.

Not having the defacto MVP for every offensive posession in Peyton Manning does that to your team but after watching the Colts once again get embarrassed on national TV, this time at the hands of the New Orleans Saints to the tune of 62 (!) to 7, the race for drafting Andrew Luck has gotten even more clear.

Watching the Colts in primetime this season has been a chore to say the least. Almost like watching a stripper who’s lost all of her best moves still try and get a dollar out of you. Sadly, that stripper (like the Colts) has only been putting up 25 cents worth of effort and NBC showed the most obvious reason why those Colts games need to be flexed off the schedules this winter.

Even though it’s a three team race to grab Stanford’s highly touted quarterback with the #1 overall pick next April, the Colts make the most sense. The Dolphins still have faith in Chad Henne & the Rams have hinged their hopes on last year’s Rookie of the Year in Sam Bradford. Both are decent to above average QBs so their respective squads would be better served drafting the highest rated player at a need position.

That being said, the Dolphins let Saint Tebow come back on them in the fourth quarter to remain winless on the season and the Rams let DeMarco Murray have the greatest rushing day in Dallas Cowboys history so you can easily give reasoning behind their shortcomings. The Colts? An example of how building around one component may doom you for the future. Sure, Manning doesn’t play a lick of defense so the Colts getting bludgeoned to the tune of 62 points should account for something but the fact remains – only the Colts can stop themselves from setting up shop with the Stanford quarterback for the next 15 seasons.