Last Saturday The Hive Society linked up with Fat Tony and Check Other Outfitters to bring you the #BeeBeeQue on Khon’s Rooftop, in Downtown Houston. To help with the music portion of this event, Hive enlisted Fat Tony, Doughbeezy, The Niceguys, Ricquo Jones, and Twenty Eleven (which D&D’s own BG is apart of), and they all delivered in a major fashion. There were some technical difficulties, but it all worked out in the end, as many fans, spectators, and fellow MCs came out for the fun. Members of the New Houston Collective who showed support were, Hashbrown, Hollywood FLOSS, Thurogood Wordsmith, Young S.E.A., Jay-Von, Nosaprise, D3, A.D.D., and more. S/O to David Stunts for putting together this great video recap of the event, #hivelife.

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