Houston has plenty of weed smokers & free spirits. Half of them double as musicians so it’s only right that the hippie set that doesn’t rap or record music come together to help put on a festival like concert at an outdoor venue where outdoor “hippie” ideals are welcomed. #UrbanWoodStock is set to go down on Sunday, October 23rd at Last Concert Cafe (1403 Nance, Houston TX 77002) with performances from Dante Higgins, Delo, Mookie Jones & MC Beezy.

By the way, it’s hippie so bring blankets, pillows, et. all. Doors open up at 7 and the concert begins at 10 with DJ Xplicit & GODJ Jay Bone on the turntables. Also, there’s plenty of names attached to this thing, most of the hippie community to begin with so check the flyer on the side for more.