Oh ye’ of comedic tastes, why hast thou forsaken me? Gang Of Roses 2 on paper was supposed to be hip-hop’s wet dream. You had Rocsi Diaz, Amber Rose, Claudia Jordan, Teyana Taylor and someone so affectionately referred to as “Indian Girl” all in a Western themed pic where all signs pointed towards Cinemax and possible softcore pornography.

Instead you tell me it’s an actual film. With acting so atrocious it makes a third grade Christmas play look like it could beat The Wire or any film that recently won Best Picture from the Academy Awards. I know you send us Tyler Perry films to make us feel “sort of” good about ourselves and the idea that a black man in drag is still funny but this? Amber Cole looks up to films like this, oh Comedy Lord but that’s another story.

Now, if you want to see such “AMAZING” and “SURPRIZING” performances from the ladies above, hit the jump.