I have friends who’ve either worked or are currently working fast food. They complain, they grit but it’s still a grind to get them somewhere other than where they are. Society looks at them as if they’re on the bottom of the food chain in terms of respectable jobs and all of that friction leads to pent up anger, waiting to be unleashed. The video above has made national news for all the wrong reasons as the frustrations of a job and the customers it brings brought out the worst in Rayon McIntosh.

McIntosh, a convicted felon was working his shift at McDonalds late Thursday night when two women came into the store making demands and being unruly, cursing at him. What followed is something both graphic and also open to morbid curiosity.

Was McIntosh right for jumping over the counter and assaulting the woman after she slapped him, essentially acting in self defense? Not at all. He lost his temper and more than likely will find himself back in prison. It’s just certain things the public won’t stand, regardless if you’re in the right or the wrong. He may have been in the right but to be challenged in such a manner produced the worst possible outcome for McIntosh.