Who knew a TV show about the inner workings of crystal meth would be so damn intriguing? Sunday night, AMC’s Breaking Bad brought down the curtain on its fourth season, one that arguably went right in line with some of the greatest television ever. There were unexpected deaths and probably one of the best endings to a season ever, which leaves things definitely up in the air regarding the show’s alleged fifth & final season which is set to premiere next summer.

You want reasons as to why this last season of Breaking Bad officially made it the best show on TV? I’ll give you five.

If you haven’t seen any of season four, avoid the spoilers included in this post.

1. Gustavo Fring – Giancarlo Espisito already has earned his stripes as one of film’s best villains. He made you annoyed at his dominance in School Daze (and almost made you want to lose it when Tisha Campbell licked his damn hair) and was a benevolent dope pusher in Fresh. Yeah, when it came time to become the biggest meth distributor in the country, Buggin’ Out became sociopathic and in turn became one of the greatest villains ever. Poisoning his main rivals, ordering a hit squad to take out people & somehow even gave people the impressions he lived through getting blown up. A G in the truest sense.

2. Vince Gilligan – The show’s boss, creator, writer & sometimes director will keep you on the edge with certain storylines. Since this is his baby, nobody knows the cast of characters better than him and last Sunday’s finale proved why he deserve any & all nominations come award season. Still, I’m wondering how did Mike feel about being tossed aside like he was nothing in the desert after Jesse saved him.

3. The Relationship Between Jesse & Walt – For four seasons, Jesse & Walt have played alongside one another in some sort of twisted buddy cop scenario. Walt’s been beaten to a pulp by his protégé, become fearful of him around his boss and every single mistake Jesse makes, Walt winds up letting it go. Realize that all things will come to ahead if & when Walt slips up and tells him that he killed Jesse’s girlfriend Jane.

4. Skylar White – When Walt finally let the ball drop on his deeds as a meth cook, expectations for her to merely live lavish in the arms of her now millionaire husband could have easily been suggested. Instead, the two of them went into business and by the grace of God, Skylar became a watchable figure in Season 4, culminating with her having too good of a heart to try and save her old boss Ted whom she’d been sleeping with to spite her husband. Her giving Ted six figures to cover his IRS crap? A pimp move. Her maintaining the look of a wife who’s aloof to everything? Down for the cause.

5. What’s Next? – For four seasons, every small gain Walt had usually got cut down by either Jesse’s mismanaging or someone else coming to squeeze it away. With Gus now dead, Walt’s now the king of meth as there are no heads of the Mexican Cartel. The speculation as into storylines for this upcoming season are growing at a fever pitch since that rarely has any season ended on a high note for it’s chief character. Remember, Walt’s brother still hasn’t caught on to the fact that New Mexico’s biggest meth kingpin is in his own family. Who knows what could happen come next summer, but at least I know where my eyes will be on Sunday nights at 10 PM EST.