Remember that Dave Chappelle joke about how every crew of black sociopaths has and or needs one white guy in it to make sure everything doesn’t instantly scream criminal behavior? JT of Dallas’ Braingang applies here.

The twenty something D-Town native has brief moments on his July mixtape The Appetizer (not to be confused with Thurogood’s EP) where he finds comfort in his youth. By that, he’s at ease letting moments of “Drake”-ness, comfortable yet uncomfortable with success leap from his mouth. He uses “fuck” in rapid fire succession over Tory Lanez “Styll” to classify things he’d rather go without, takes one of those A.Dd+ guys and makes him go on a joyride around the Metroplex on “Drive Slow” & decides to offer one hell of a victory track over Dom Kenedy’s “CDC” entitled “Mavericks”. It’s youthful, it’s a bit different and every slowed down warble at every track drives home the point that the BrainGang likes to mess with you when you believe songs should keep going.

DOWNLOAD: JT – The Appetizer