“I’m not even supposed to be here yet…”

Let’s set the stage for this particular A3C vlog from Houston’s own hasHBrown shall we? After some mingling at Noni’s Bar & Deli, the Houston rapper/producer decided to sample some of the greatness that is Gladys’ & Ron’s without necessarily knowing that Gladys’ & Ron’s has a parking situation where you have to park behind the restaurant in order to avoid getting a boot.

hasH parked on the side, got his food in less than ten minutes and proceeded to be jinxed by us (myself & Brando) about having a boot. Not just one boot, two of them. So imagine your first time eating at a popular Atlanta hangout is not inside the venue but on the back of your rental car, waiting on a boot ninja. At least Atlanta’s homeless are some of the most knowledgeable and hospitable down trodden in America.