Between a myriad of artists, panels, women, booze & food, the most solace the team found last night laid on a plate inside of Gladys Knight’s restaurant on Peachtree. Beyond the hectic atmosphere that is A3C is the general fact that the city itself is always busy, always bold about themselves with the sort of charm that makes you easily snuggle up to the idea of moving here. Atlanta is like the curvy woman you see at a bar that has everyone’s attention. When you finally decide to muster up the courage to say something, anything – her attention is already diverted. Which is why we love the ATL.

The second official day of A3C (click here for a recap of Day One) brought out a vast crowd, most of whom ducked between sets, panels, events and other shenanigans that occur at well put on festivals. There’s a story behind every set though and ours are pretty interesting to say the least.

The League Of Extraordinary Gz


If the main course of Big K.R.I.T. didn’t entice people to traverse their way to the outdoor DJ Booth stage, its healthy lineup of artists the site has either released a tape with or featured heavily would. At times it felt revolutionary, political and downright country, all purposely stated by the artists on the bill.

Austin’s The League Of Extraordinary Gz didn’t care that they were the first on stage, they wanted to rock. Splitting time between’s Esbee’s “Bully Basics” and the Nirvana infused “Wake Yo Bitch Ass Up”, the Texas Wu-Tang Clan did what they set out to do – leave an impression. It was a nice bob & weave to Shane Eli who ripped through a quick set outlining some of his favorite beats (Power for example), proving that he has indeed stepped it up from the DJ Booth set back in Austin for SXSW.

Jon Hope from Rhode Island paid tribute to Nas along with his own brand of fiery lyricism, Dee-1 looked as if he were clad for war in black bucket hat, vest & jeans but still provided enough “One Man Army” aesthetic to a throng of supporters. Aleon Craft even got funky on stage, showcasing why his brand of Solar-Hop meshes so well with the likes of Matt & Kim & Tame Impala.  Jean Grae did her best to create a festival like atmosphere with a PSA chastising those who weren’t media with cameras out to just be fans and enjoy the damn show. Cuts like “Uh Oh” segued into Grae’s bar baiting raps, each doing their best to rattle the brain of the cool crowd. She even mentioned Steve Jobs in tribute.

We’d be remiss to mention that P-I-Double-L may be the only member of MMG doing A3C but he could care less as his brand of trap rap, including “Trap Goin’ Ham” & “Pacman” still ring out in rowdy clubs across the stage. But it was merely a warm up for Big K.R.I.T., who led the largest crowd of the night into a parade of country shit. Despite a near fault at the end where the festival workers tried to shut his set down early, K.R.I.T. kept up the Returnof4eva material to fever pitch, closing with his latest leak “Money On The Floor”. In the words of Frank Ocean, sweet baby Jesus it was a beautiful concoction. – Brando

Action Bronson (l) & Brando


A little less diverse than their Day One set, Perfect Attendance seemed like blog rap heaven. Or at least anything TSS has cosigned in the past two to three years. We came for Action Bronson’s raps and Bam Bam nature and the humble dude from Queens rocked the crowd regardless of the fact there were at least 5 Bronson doppelgangers roaming around A3C. He flipped between his raw NY material & the Southern style material that has earned him stripes, even laughing off a woman in the crowd who wanted that “real shit”. Question, you oblige any woman who says she wants the “real” right? Like, there’s no debate behind that? Great.

Fki combed through fun misogyny of “Shut Up Bitch” and some mid Prince era guitar work from Ricky Fontaine to earn adulation from the crowd. We didn’t expect Ill Camille to come out of nowhere and rock but that’s the sort of surprise you anticipate.

Same for Jon Connor who had an insane street team at SXSW follow him to A3C and proceeded to put on for Flint, Michigan. Carrying insane breath control and double time, Connor with guests Saigon & Pill did what you’re supposed to do if someone in a crowd may not be familiar with your work, you engage them and perform like your you’re about to pay your last child support check.

By the way, Ro Spit and his aura of Detroit fresh and Fat Trel with his multitude of people both showed out. More and more, we’re beginning to believe that certain artists, Trel especially will immediately make you pay attention visually. Even if he’s stuff is about gutter DMV as possible, you pay attention to the cat with dreads and tats who could double as Mark Henry’s slimmer stand in. A bad motherfucker indeed. ­– T. Piper

D.R.E.S. The BEATnik & 9th Wonder


Um, Freddie Gibbs needs no real introduction. You know the guy from Gary, Indiana who will frankly tell you that he’ll rob him a person in the nighttime, take your girl and roll a pound of weed all within a fifteen minute span? That’s Gibbs. The move to CTE didn’t change one thing about him; it just made him a more volatile & visible emcee. Best comparison would be to say Len Bias without the coke heading to the Celtics in ’86. You just want the best for a complete rapper who can rip through “The Ghetto” & “Rough” with nary a fall or break. He still hates the police by the way.

Elsewhere on the L-R-Generations stage, 9th Wonder’s Jamala group held down most of the night with performances from Thee Tom Hardy, Rapsody and Skyzoo who along with !llmind put out one of the best projects last year with Live From The Tapedeck. Whether it be live or on mp3, Sky is arguably hip-hop’s strongest lyricist. A rapper’s rapper, Sky’s diction and presence puts him near the top of NY hip-hop, you know if NY hip-hop actually cared about lyricists and not a trend.

Also, anytime 9th Wonder is DJing a stage, you go. Anytime you hear the emcee for the night call a chick out because her dad is there to pick her up, you laugh your ass off. – Brando

A3C Media Panel (w/ John Gotty, Nathan S., Ashley Outrageous & more)


– Ever saw a blog post from the head of a music blog detailing the do’s and don’ts of how to appear on the site? The “I Rock A Mic, But I Don’t Rap” panel was exactly that. Things we took away from it, the Mike Jones approach of hitting up strip club DJs to play your material works and that if you want the attention of the OG John Gotty (Smoking Section), a red bag of Skittles would benefit you.

– Earlier in the night at the L-R-Generations stage, 9th Wonder premiered his film The Wonder Year. Attendees could only rave at certain moments including the scenes where the North Carolina bred producer touched on Little Brother & how it took him 20 minutes to craft “Threat” for Jay-Z. The moderator for the night, D.R.E.S. The BEATnik jokingly stated there would be no LB questions towards 9th but Wonder obliged any and all.

– Chicago Hates Everything, our fam from Kevin Notthingham told us to tell you that.

– It’s one thing seeing A.Dd+ perform live; it’s another watching them throw up posters everywhere. I’m certain neither Paris or Slim actually sleep. Rather they glide on an imaginary ‘Lac and post promo flyers everywhere. Even in the bathroom. You will know who A.Dd+ is, even when you’re on the crapper.