In rap years, Killa Kyleon may be one of the few gentlemen to get a second shot at solo stardom. He’s hung around since the first iteration of the Boss Hogg Outlawz to his Natural Born Killaz mixtape with DJ Drama that essentially started kicking doors in. Couple that with the double dose of Candy Paint & Texas Plates in 2011 and Kyleon may be the most viable member of the Houston scene on the blogosphere. Name a top blog, he’s been there eating up comments and bandwidth.

Watching the evolution of Kyleon for months, everything came to fruition at House of Blues last night. Inside the Bronze Peacock, he appeared flanked by both Lee Lonn Walker & Jack Freeman as his two crooners for the evening. Backed by the Fyre Factory Band, Kyleon strolled out to the backdrop of “Money Takers”, the Marvin Gaye infused near close to the second take on CPTP clad in a full suit straight from his “Ballin’ Freestyle”.

Freeman & Walker scatted & crooned for much of the night (with Freeman hitting a nice rendition of “Can I Talk To You” by Jodeci), letting Kyleon’s rapid fire delivery command a substantial crowd clad in varying “RUN IT” t-shirts and then some. After ripping through the first half of his set which included the far more smoother cuts from CPTP2 such as “Beyonce” and “Salute Me” with Doughbeezy (more on him later), Killa bounced from the stage, overwhelmed by the greatness of the band behind him. Or the greatness of the band when they played “Poison”, whichever you prefer. Most thought he was finished, but when he reappeared showing off the sort of physique that gets you in BET Movies of the Week, the gloves were off.

“Bodies” got destroyed, sans Bun B but the Southeast Beast tried his best to keep up, attempting a freestyle on top of the band. He was nimble, he was quick but shockingly he couldn’t keep up. Such a surprise considering that it was Killa who spotted Dough at the now defunct Kickback Sundays event late last year and sort of enabled the rise of Beezy. Here they were, sharing a big stage like brothers instead of competitors. By the time he closed with an emotional rendition of “Letter To Pimp C”, Killa had given arguably his best performance, a staunch contrast to what happened at Warehouse Live last month.

Even during his own set, which has now grabbed the attention of many and has taken on mythical stature, Dough didn’t hold back at all. Normally equipped with a band, Dough relied on resident DJ iPod Ammo to keep things in motion, going acapella for his portion of the “H.A.M. Freestyle” with Dante Higgins & a cut from his upcoming Blue Magic project while delivering heavily on a few choice cuts from Reggie Bush & Kool-Aid.

Every time he performs “Pass The Swisher”, a plethora of white chicks gets swung on. Well, not swung on unless you’re counting the three women who decided to use intermission between Dough’s set & Killa’s set up to take the small Bronze Peacock stage and turn it into a mini-Twerk Team. That was indeed a highlight.

We think The Niceguys encouraged said women to even attend the venue considering that their genre bending album The Show is now a year old and still holds up strong live. Serving as show openers, the group did their usual three man weave of crowd antics and engaging raps (“Things Ain’t The Same”, “Toast”) before passing the baton, enjoying the crowd … and possibly its large gaggle of women.

Crowd Quotables:  “There’s a gotdamn snow bunny twerk team on stage.” & “We’re the same size, you don’t wear a fucking large!”

The first was stating the obvious and the other was said to me by an attendee who wanted a “RUN IT” t-shirt that Killa’s cam was selling by the door. At no point after a four hour concert am I in the position to debate my body size with another dude, especially after midnight.

Notable Faces In The Crowd:  *deep breath* Slim Thug, L.E.$., Authentic Snoopy, Dirty Dog Nasty, Thurogood, hasHBrown, Tommy Bumps, Sean from Sole Purpose, Montana, CyFyre, OG Ron C, Fat Tony, A.D.D., Twenty Eleven, Kritikal, Propain, Delo, Miss Mykie, Yung Chill & more. Yeah, it was that thick.

Recommend For Future Events: Crème De La Crème has had a strong run this year with this probably being their biggest show to date. Pretty much the best quality concert you can get for free.