In the annals of YouTube rap lore, there is no more known (and slightly laughable) freestyle battle than the one involving Eli Porter. Soon, the phrases “Rosie O’Donnell” and “bi-sexual bridal shower” became one with another in a marriage of absurdity and internet sensationalism. Considering that Eli’s had a documentary made about him, who better to check into his life than the man who saves YouTube fails for a living, Daniel Tosh?

On the live season premiere of Tosh.O, Eli Porter made his first televised appearance and debuted “I’m The Best Mayne, I Did It” from his upcoming album Intelligently Retarded. Did we fail to mention Skylar Grey was on the hook & there was a full marching band with Porter sitting on the throne as the presumed king of the idiots as well? Read that again so it can sink in.