By now, you know what happened last night in Vegas. Floyd Mayweather Jr., boxing’s biggest self claimed yet another belt in the welterweight division by stopping “Vicious” Victor Ortiz in the waning stages of the 4th round. How it happened however, is much more murky.

On scorecards, Floyd was up three rounds when in the fourth Ortiz seemed to be gaining some ground. He backed Mayweather into a corner and then inexplicably gave PBF an intentional headbutt. Referee Joe Cortez deducted a point from Ortiz and the two fighters were set to engage once more.

Then everything turned surreal.

Either you call it a “cheap shot”, a “sucker punch” or “Money” being aware of his surroundings but the two piece & a biscuit floored Ortiz who was unable to answer the count.

PBF beat a man ten years his junior to win another title. Yet, the most entertaining portion of the fight came afterwards when Larry Merchant, HBO’s long time boxing analyst and known critic of PBF attempted to get an interview to get Floyd’s thoughts on the fight itself.

Then this happened:

Mayweather fully appreciating the huge villain role, stated emphatically that the 80-year old Merchant needed to be fired and that “[he] didn’t know sh*t about boxing”. The move will automatically make the inevitable Pacquaio/Mayweather fight even more interesting with the “good versus evil” dynamic playing a role.