We find the trio of A.D.D., Fat Tony, and the video-game-inspired Smash Bro join forces in a tale of scandalous scholastics. They all look back at the times of high school hi-jinks and fulfilling every young man’s fantasy of getting to “get” with their teachers. A.D.D. reminds his instruct0r to not catch feelings in this “student- teacher pimping shit”, Tony takes a little bit from Pimp and proclaims, “players get chose”, and lastly Smash Bro raps “Charles Dickens was assigned I just declined”. The track is featured on A.d.D’s upcoming mixtape, The Mello Campaign 3, and stated on The Brad Gilmore Show, that the whole tape is a freestyle. Peep the tracks and D/L below


DOWNLOAD: Teacher’s Pet (f. Fat Tony & Smash Bro) – A.d.D