The years without having Jay-Z in his corner has tormented Damon Dash financially. Already facing woes with the IRS over a reported $2 million in back taxes, the mogul is now in trouble with the city of New York over his DD172 property.

According to The Village Voice, Dash & his other tenants at 172 Duane Street in NYC were charged with six counts of storing & selling illegal alcoholic beverages without a permit. It’s not the first time Dash has been in violation. He violated the code in November 2010 and as recently as last May.

If he’s storing Armandale vodka in there the obviously someone’s going to be upset but with Dash, it’s a whole other story. The former head honcho of Roc-A-Fella has gone through it all yet claims that his monetary issues aren’t really issues at all. Still, being accused of bootlegging like he’s a guest cast member of Boardwalk Empire has to be pretty petty.

You can see the restraining order here.