For those of you keeping score, that’s now The Man – 2, Clifford Harris – 0.

Fans of Clifford Harris, better known as the rapper T.I., rejoiced when news broke earlier this week that the man was finally finished riding out his sentence for possession last year and released on August 31st. However, apparently, the vehicle that arrived to pick up Tip from prison – a luxury motor coach containing his entourage and ride or die through hell or (literal) high wife Tiny – was considered “too high profile.” Thus, authorities have sent him back to federal prison until September 29th.

The details are still a little sketchy, especially according to T.I.’s lawyer, Steve Sadow. But for now, it seems Tip’s back behind bars. I refuse to give props to any of y’all who had office pools running and bet that T.I. might be back in within a week.

[via allhiphop]