On a late night cruise through the streets of Houston, digging through someone else’s iPod may possibly lead to a discovery. Much like our parents used to do when pulling out dusty vinyls, an iPod discovery may be cherished, replete with customary questions and voices of adulation.

Ashton Travis doesn’t immediately light up the requisite clamor from blog heads or even DMV heads but when he recently came down to Houston for a show as the headliner, the building was completely sold out. The Texas to D.C. transplant (thank Howard for that) wastes little time separating himself on his March mixtape release Good Vibes by letting a slight drawl usher in the phrase, “One time for Dilla”.

Good Vibes attempts to tackle much in its 50 minute duration, allowing sound bites from Spike Lee‘s “Do The Right Thing” lead into the Roy Ayers sampled “Sunshine”, verbal matriculation over The Notorious B.I.G.‘s “Everyday Struggle” and the eight minute breezy jam session that is “A Good Vibes Goodbye”.

A healthy mix of educational rhymes, schoolboy charm & importance make Travis’ stanzas feel fit, not preachy or ripe with numerous cliches or haughty claims. I’m curious to see what the Texan has next up his sleeve, aside from making sure he turns Howard University into his own personal School Daze.

DOWNLOAD: Ashton Travis – Good Vibes Mixtape