There’s no real need to attempt a change in words when it comes to the NBA lockout. It’s on, both the players association and the owners are at a perpetual stalemate and the main thing getting sucked up in the process is actual decent basketball.

Well, not exactly.

You see, Kevin Durant has been on a world tour playing ball, exciting fans in NYC & D.C. so his “best scorer in the world” credinitals this summer have been validated and then some. When Carmelo Anthony brings a group of NBA talent highlighted by LeBron James & Chris Paul to battle KD TreyFive, cameras will show up & highlights will be made.

Durant scored 59 points in defeat as the aptly named Melo League defeated D.C.’s Goodman League by the tune of 149 – 141. LeBron put up 32 and Melo 27 but the major talking point came after the game, where the players said all the right things in stating “we just want to play ball.”

Amen my brothers, amen.

Catch the highlights after the jump.