Divorce sure does a funny thing to the psyche. For Tiger Woods, it’s been nothing short of hell trying to come back from. Usher? Resulted in Raymond v. Raymond which isn’t that average of an album looking back at it a full year later. So how does The-Dream attempt to stay ahead of the curve of trials & tribulations? He recruits a new voice who sounds a lot like plenty of others (Casha), adds in a current it-man & an all-time it man (Big Sean the former & Pharrell the latter) and pulls engaging concepts out of his cranium for a free-LP, 1977.

Aside from Casha covering Deniece Williams‘ “Silly”, it’s Terius who dominates the disc over a multitude of sonic landscapes from the ATL treble & low lying Prince esque synths of “Used To Be” to the repeat worthy “Wedding Crasher” where Nash adds alcoholic verbatim to the age old story of lost love alongside a few “motherf*ckers” for good measure. On “The Sh*t Real N*gga”, the man formerly known as The-Dream dives deep into confrontational swag rap with Skateboard P with sketchy guitars and 808s pounding. He’s not that bad of a rapper but compared to P’s .com flow, you know his strong suit is hooks & lyrics.

All apologies to Drake & The Weeknd but the king of taking conversational lyrics and applying them to exiguous drums and topics is back, no syrup required. Grab the tape below, see the tracklist after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Terius Nash (The-Dream) – 1977

01. Wake Me When It’s Over
02. Used To Be
03. Long Gone
04. Ghetto (f. Big Sean)
05. Wedding Crasher
06. Rolex (f. Casha)
07. Silly (Introducing Casha)
08. 1977 (Miss You Still)
09. Wish You Were Mine
10. This Shit Real Nigga (f. Pharrell)
11. Form Of Flattery