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Thirteen years ago, Johnny Depp gave life to writer Hunter S. Thompson‘s gonzo personality in the cult classic Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas. Finally crafting a movie that isn’t centered around pirates, Depp crafts a role around Thompson’s Paul Kemp for his latest film, The Rum Diary.

Directed by Bruce Robinson, the film is adopted from Thompson’s book of the same name and has Depp playing the role of an alcoholic journalist (hmm, sounds familiar) working for a local paper in Puetro Rico. The trailer should paint quite the picture as Depp downs a sh*t load of alcohol, has hottie Amber Heard skinny-dipping and contains enough hallucinogens that makes fans of Depp’s previous Thompson inspired work feel right at home.

Co-starring Aaron Eckhart, Giovanni Ribisi & Richard Jenkins, The Rum Diary hits theaters on October 28th.

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