By now, you’re probably going through another run through of your downloaded copy of Tha Carter IV. If not then the other big Lil Wayne news of yesterday was that the Martian responded to Jay-Z’s lines from “H.A.M.” rather disrespectfully. When Hov made the remark about “I’m like really half a billi n*gga, really you got baby money, keep it real with n*ggas, n*ggas aint got my lady money”, Weezy retorted the following on “It’s Good” featuring Drake & Jadakiss:

“Talkin’ bout baby money, I got ya baby money/Kidnap yo bitch, get that ‘how much you love yo lady’ money/I know you fake nigga, press yo breaks nigga/”

Well, ‘Kiss quickly went on Twitter to dead his alleged involvement in hip-hop’s civil war between the Carters, which most could have easily foreseen considering Kiss’ verse was about as straight forward a sixteen as he could deliver.

Honestly, you know good and damn well that rap is akin to wrestling and these sort of shots get thrown around all the time, even if the kidnapping wives line might be a bit flagrant. Remember, Ric Flair supposedly had a sextape with Miss Elizabeth back in ’92 while beefing with Randy Savage, so yeah. Besides, do you really believe it when a rapper who has already said he can’t match Hov financially plans on kidnapping Beyonce for the pure sake of defending his father’s honor? Yeah, me neither.

Although, a Birdman diss track aimed at Hov may be the “greatest” thing ever & by great I mean hilarious in the worst possible way.