Image courtesy of Los Cosby.

Never been to a Crème De La Crème event inside the House of Blues? Here’s a crash course guide: it feels like a multi-ethnic house party complete with the usual Houston crown aesthetics of weirdly dressed dudes, pretty women over dressed and the occasional crack or two about how everyone actually looks alike. Not a slight to the venue or the promoters but more of a slight towards how Houston thinks at times.

Last night’s event was much of the above and then some. We saw guys in fur coats in the middle of a damn heat wave. We saw what looked like the Asian version of Pitbull on stage. We saw two Rastafarian Hispanic rappers lined up against a traditional Hispanic rapper. We saw three team swag rap the good way & two man swag rap with a female violinist professing the joys of a simple refund check.

We constantly found ourselves saying aloud, “What the hell is going on?”

It’s a fun way to gauge how you can deem a local rap show great, good or terrible. There were certainly a lot of great moments, more than likely from the attendees who bordered on comedians who didn’t quite make the cut for a Comedy Central show remarking on various instances, plenty of good from the likes of college aged 220 Music whose set heavily touched upon their School Daze: Extra Credit mixtape, coupled with the two guest appearances from Iceman Chamberlain who despite his upbringing in NYC has found some Houston roots.

Despite only having one release to their name, Marc Haize, Gene & Escalator Up have a bit of stage presence, evident by their loud mouth DJ AudiTory. Pacing however is another story as for the better part of twenty minutes the trio essentially rapped with little to no breaks, few introductions of their tracks for new fans and kept their (mostly) female fan base in a clinch. If there was such thing as a track meet over various beats, this was it. Think OutKast’s “B.o.B.” chaos without Three Stacks running around shirtless.

Image courtesy of Rebecca Mac

Headliners Youngest N Charge have the distinct reputation of smoking cigarettes indoors and doing things based upon their own backing. Hustling, being fly and any combination of hustling & being fly is the name of their game, not surprising considering Young B, the group’s leader is the son of Professor Trill Bun B. During a rendition of “Pimp C’s Back”, one member of the group or an affiliate hopped on stage with a full coat & glasses, imitating the late Uncle Chad. All that was missing was a phone in his hand while putting up the “H”.

During the randomness of the set following AC Gutta, his throwback Rockets jersey (the cartoon version), a chick with a violin and yet another moment where rappers should not rap over their own tracks there was an interesting segue between a nice looking female singer, two Asian rappers who weren’t from Far East Movement and a brief moment where one of the rappers began doing faux techno Pitbull records. Somehow, all of this was saved by Drank Houston’s “Run This City” number with two Rasta rappers and Buddha, an Hispanic rapper who has a penchant for soul samples and a slowed flow.

Yes, it was that random.

Crowd Quotables: A tie between “It’s that Sam Cassell?” and “Why does Killa Kyleon look so happy?” Both happened during 220’s set. Not reported, the couple who were basically having sex with clothes on by the bar during that same set.

Recommend For Future Events:  Yes, you never know what you may get. We were lucky not to have our car towed. And or urinated on.