The first time you may meet Lee-Lonn Walker, you may be in for a surprise. The 21-year old R&B singer is custom to making first impressions while inside of a bathrobe cooing to women. On stage. In front of a few hundred if not thousand people.

At least you know he’s fully comfortable being in front of people.

Walker’s debut EP I Am The Pre-Lonn comes on the heels of his appearances on The Niceguys The Show album and his highly successful double whammy of singles “Maybe” & “Feeling Good”, both of which appear on the EP. Walker’s voice is tinged with the sort of country boy charm that makes him a wanted figure for hooks and then some. His range on IATPL is evident by flipping a Bobby Caldwell sample onto “Hands”, a record that touches heavily upon the scenario of “good girl now lost”.

Walker has the college boy routine who sees all down pat and his loverman persona oozes all over “Won’t Stop”, a guitar laced cut where Walker professes it’s not all about sex but if you get him in the position to discuss, he’ll be just as potent as any Lothario on the block. Maybe it’s the chuckle worthy “Intro” where he openly does Lil Wayne one better by apologizing for holding fans up with his I Am The Lee-Lonn LP or the fact that the Motown-Philly emotions incurred by “Maybe” immediately send people to snapping their fingers and nodding their heads but Walker has a certain it factor about him.

Check the tracklist here and then download I Am THe Pre-Lonn below.

DOWNLOAD: Lee-Lonn – I Am The Pre-Lonn