In general terms, video games & sports go hand in hand. The world’s most popular sports game belongs to the NFL and its Madden series and while they’re always in direct competition with Microsoft and its ESPN package, Sony attempted to one up their counterparts by offering the NFL Sunday Ticket to stream straight through your PS3.

Here’s the catch, it’s about the same price as buying a PS3 when they first came out.

The idea makes sense considering that Netflix is making a killing by offering streaming services through gaming consoles and more so obviously Sony did think this through. However, paying $340 for NFL Sunday Ticket as well as NFL Redzone is absolutely redundant considering that DirecTV is offering the package for absolutely free when you sign up for their $32 a month programming. Hell, if I didn’t have DirecTV already I would take that deal instead.

Sony may have to rethink this one, otherwise they would have overshot their target market who’ve already had a bad 2011 when the PS3 Network got hacked into near oblivion earlier this year and Bill Gates’ gaming baby would add another feather into its cap.

[via Gizmodo]

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