In a recent interview with, Birdman stated that a Drizzy/Weezy album will be in the works after the respective releases of Tha Charter IV and Take Care. Birdman even went on to say it’d be a Watch The Throne for a “younger” group of hip hop fans. 

“It’s older versus younger,” Baby said. “I listened to a few songs [off Watch The Throne] and it feels like an older feel to me. I think with Drake and Wayne, they young. They young cats. You got 23 and 28. Then you got Jay-Z and them, who are older and really on their way out the game. Then you got Wayne and Drake and them, who are still youthful to the game. So, it’s two different types of music all the way across the board.”

To me Baby can’t do an interview anymore without comparing Wayne to Jay-Z, remember when he said that Weezy had more money than Hov? He did go on to say,  “But what they’re doing is great,” he continued. “I think it’s great for the game, great for the business, great for retail as a whole. I just think when Wayne and Drake get together is going to be something real special also because we more youthful.”

Either way I’d love to hear this collab album, lets hope this one actually materializes unlike the I Can’t Feel My Faces and the He Rap, He Sangs.