Video: K-Rino – The Day of the Storm (Video Recap)

August 6th, last Saturday, Club Numbers was jam packed with SPC fans to watch the Wizard himself, K-Rino. K’s most recent album, The Day of the Storm, which dropped the same day as S.P.E.A.K. 6 which Rino was an attendee, had to have a party as bbig as the city. Optimo Radio (home of The […]

Video: Jay-Z & Kanye West – Otis

How do you define decadence? Gut a Maybach and act like you’re having the time of your life. Yes, that’s pretty much the treatment for Jay-Z & Kanye West‘s ode to “Otis”. The Spike Jonze directed clip serves as Watch The Throne‘s first visual effort and as grand as it may be, don’t you wish […]

Video: Common – Ghetto Dreams (f. Nas)

Mos Def once spoke of Ms. Fat Booty but I bet money he never thought of a lucid figure as luscious as Bria Myles. Common‘s first effort on Warner Bros. The Dreamer, The Believer comes attached with the beautiful vixen & an accompanying verse from Nas who has brought back his own mojo this year […]

The Bridge Between Mississippi Hate & Burning London

Mark Duggan. It’s not a class problem, it’s a human problem. While our country finds itself in economic turmoil, it also deals with the sort of climate amongst its people that has been long reported, unreported or dismissed by its media. Caring more for issues going on abroad rather than issues at home, the television […]

Hollywood FLOSS – Attack of Hollywood

Say what you will about Hollywood FLOSS but in his time spent in between One Fan At A Time and hosting various mixers and social events in & out of the 610 Loop – he teaches. That’s right, he’s an educator and it carries over into his rhymes. Noted producer Chris Rockaway lets the Twentieth […]

Video: Daddy Bawsten – Winner (f. Jay Chordz)

Most times you see an artist openly embracing wealth and lavishness. Daddy Bawsten, in order to make a statement resents it so much so that he uses “Winner” as the sort of announcement many are scared to make in this day & age. In an effort to bring awareness to the Hip-Hop community about the […]

Signs That Detox Is Never Coming: HTC Inks Deal With Beats By Dre

Another day, another headphone deal by Dr. Dre that makes the whole idea of that damn Detox album ever coming out even more of a pipedream. The smartphone maker has landed a deal with Dr. Dre’s favorite device worth up to $300 million dollars, a smart move considering people are using their handheld device to […]

Video: ASAP Rocky – Peso

Having recently found his “Purple Swag” given the official purple treatment by OG Ron C, Harlmenite rapper ASAP Rocky continues to bring minimalist actions towards his visual efforts. “Peso” is drowsy funk with a slightly undecipherable indie sample bridging everything together. Rocky feels right at home making 2011 look like 1994 with various cuts of […]

Video: Von Pea – Thanks For Your Children (f. Elucid & Che Grand)

Remember Von Pea’s Pea’s Gotta Have It? You know, that album where the Tanya Morgan member decided to go back into his years as a teen to discuss everything with wit and tight vocal precision? I mean, surely you do right? No? Alright fine, but let it be known at alongside Donwill‘s High Fidelity tape, […]

Mixtape: Meek Mill – Dreamchasers (Hosted by DJ Drama)

After MMG made all of their mid-season acquisitions earlier this year, would you ever believe that the man with the second set of keys would be Philadelphia’s own Meek Mill? Between Wale & Pill, Meek was the most unhealed former Freshman of the group and by the time Self Made Vol. 1 had kicked a […]



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