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Maybe Prop Joe knew exactly what to do. In March, actress Felicia Pearson better known for her role as “Snoop” in the cult classic television series The Wire was arrested on heroin charges stemming from a drug raid. Somehow by pleading guilty today, Pearson had her seven year sentence suspended, credited with serving five months under electronic monitoring. Of course, that provision is dead and buried if she gets in any trouble with the law within the next three years.

Following her exit from the courthouse, Pearson declared she “has things to do” and has plans of moving to Los Angeles which is a good thing for the 31-year old actress who overcame a murder conviction and a rough childhood to become a star on the longtime HBO series. Something tells me there’ll be a story behind this case since Snoop maintains her innocence and believes she would have been found not guilty if the case had gone to trial.

[via The Baltimore Sun]