Summer rages on. Temperatures are around 100 degrees plus every day, girls are doing their best to keep cool by wearing as little as they possibly can without being considered whorish (or live up to the title, whichever you prefer). No Doubt Dex plays strict to the summers of his youth and the current heat weave with a mixtape aimed strictly for the days between late May and early September.

Fo Da $umma is what you could call minimalist Southern hip-hop. Loud beats, flashy and a throwback to simpler times. Dex skates on production from the likes of Mr. Rogers on “Fo Da ’99”, about as close to a tribute to Cash Money’s heyday as possible and more beats courtesy of Billionaire Boy$cout, Mike Lud & Dex himself. Features on the summer riding tape include Jabee, Chase D, Ron Coolie & more.

Why not add a little heat from the OKC to your summer plans?

Tracklist & Download link after the jump.

01. N.O.O. (No Other Options) Produced by N-Dex
02. Life Changes (405 Till I Die) Produced by Mike Lud
03. FoDa$umma Produced by Billionaire Boy$cout
04. Rims & Mo Sounds Produced by Billionaire Boy$cout & N-Dex
05. Girl Talk (feat. Ron Coolie & Johnny Zu) Produced by Billionaire Boy$cout & N-Dex
06. Pretty (Mary Go) Produced by N-Dex & Gutta
07. Sexstacy Performed, Produced, & Written by Kayai
08. Love Clouds & Dr. Phil Produced by N-Dex & LoudNoyz
09. Fo Da ’99 Produced by Mr. Rogers
10. Fo Da H-Town $umma Produced by Mike Lud & N-Dex
11. With The Lights (feat. Chase D) Produced by N-Dex
12. Dopeness (feat. Chris McCain & Jabee) Produced by JayEaze
13. Circle X Produced by Billionaire Boy$cout
14. Trilluminati (feat. CO2) Produced by Gutta & N-Dex
15. Hit It (Insurance Claim) Produced by N-Dex
16. Crown Royal Produced by Flash Frequency

DOWNLOAD: N-Dex – Fo Da $umma